Cyber Security Awareness Training

Ensure that everyone in your organisation has the knowledge, security mindset & procedures to avoid cyber attacks

Cybersecurity Lessons For All

More Attacks Are Imminent

In the last 12 months 55% of SME’s reported cyber attacks; of the data breaches 90% occurred due to the human element.

Tech Defence Is not Enough

Anti-malware software is only a limited defence against this. Consequently the biggest attack surface continues to be you, the end-user.

Making The Right Decisions

Individually we need to fight against cyber attacks. Learn to make better critical decisions for protecting your organisation.

The Obvious Solution

Our courses provide immersive, compelling training, delivered in bite size lessons. They need little prior knowledge for completion.

Just Two Easy Steps...

STEP 1: Register a Free Account

This site provides you with Cybersecurity Orientation & Awareness Training. To begin simply create a free account.

STEP 2: Select a Course

Once you have created an account you can view the available Phishing Forensics courses available to you. 

What Makes This The Best Cybersecurity Training?

Full Workplace Security

All major workplace cybersecurity issues are covered

Continuos Course Updates

Best information is always delivered due to our live updates program

For Every Organisation

Course materials are relevant to public & business sectors of all sizes

Tailored Solutions

Each course is designed to cater for specific job roles up to director level

Suitable For All

Participants need no prior knowledge for successful course completion

Short Lesson Durations

Each lesson is encapsulated into short, engagaing bursts

Prompts & Notifications

Optional reminders can be sent to encourage course completion

Good For All Devices

The online video e-learning lessons play on all but the smallest devices

Policy Templates Included

Courses include policy document templates for better outcomes

Certificated Courses

Recognised achievements with certifications on course completion

Group Course Bookings

Individually assigned courses within organisations as standard

Managed Training Solutions

We offer 'Done For You' group course management as a service

“This was my first online training course and I felt a bit of trepidation starting it. In reality, the course was broken down into bite size chunks and was easy to follow. Within two minutes I could see what I was supposed to do and flew through the entire course. I now have the certificate to prove it!”

-AMR, course attendee


What is on your mind?

You can tell us what you think about the site or courses, suggest features, report bugs, etc.

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