CSFA Managers & Other Senior Decision Makers

CSFA Managers & Other Senior Decision Makers

£10.00 excl. VAT / month

This e-course supports managers and other decision makers. The knowledge is key for them to improve their personal cyber-security and to work with plans and procedures for reducing security risk across their organisations.

Participants will learn:

  • How to identify personally targeted attacks
  • Data protection responsibilities
  • Awareness of social engineering scams
  • Password best practice & other policies
  • Data security inside & outside the office
  • and much more
Bonus #1: Cyber Threat Text Alerts – worth £84 p.a.
Bonus #2: 9 security policy templates – worth £199
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This interactive e-learning course is designed for the particular challenges faced by:

All managers and decision makers in every organisation.

It helps them to:

Improve their personal cyber-security and to work with plans and procedures for reducing cyber security risk in their organisations.

This cyber security awareness course includes:

  • 13 interactive modules across 3 lessons.
  • Each module is 5 to 10 minutes long
  • All knowledge areas for cyber security at work.
  • Lessons completed at your own pace.
  • If interrupted, return to any module later.
  • Optional quiz challenges for certification.
What would a cyber security breach mean to your organisation?

  • Sensitive customer data stolen and exploited
  • Targeted scams depleting company finances
  • Ransomware file encryption & extortion
  • Your organisations reputation ruined
  • Company digtal assets stolen & sold on
  • System data wiped by malicious attacks

As cyber crime evolves the only effective way to prevent most security breaches is by everyone following best-practices. These come from individual training and ongoing support.

On completing this course you will be better able to:

  • Understand & use secure passwords
  • Avoid targeted scams before they strike
  • Avoid ransomware encryption & extortion
  • Recall correct data handling & destruction
  • Spot the psychological tricks criminals use
  • See & avoid being targeted socially
  • Block data breaches on mobile devices
  • See how insider-threats can compromise you
  • Understand what malware is & does
  • Identify and not fall for malicious links
  • Surf the web avoiding malicious activity that can infect your IT systems

Expertise Level: Beginner to intermediate – no previous knowledge required

Lessons and topics in this course:

Lessons Topics
BEC scams Identify warnings signs of a BEC scam
Differentiate the 3 main types
Prevent yourself from falling for a BEC scam
Report a suspected attack
Data Protection Understand your responsibilities toward data privacy
Recall data destruction standards
Understand the dangers of leaving private/confidential out in the open
Insider Threats Comprehend the danger insider threats pose
Identify 3 types of Insider Threats
Understand what to do if you observe suspicious activity
Malicious Links Understand why links can be dangerous
Identify the components of a link
Break down the parts of a URL
Understand what to do if you are targeted
Malware Understand what malware is
Identify common varieties of malware
Understand how malware is used
Understand the value and limitations of Antivirus
Mobile Devices Understand how malware is delivered to your device
Identify multiple ways to protect your device
Demonstrate what to do if your device is lost or stolen
Passwords Identify three different cyber attacks that put your passwords at risk
Understand what constitutes a strong password
Effectively manage your passwords
Identify how multi-factor authentication keeps your account safer
Physical Security Comprehend the danger of physical theft of devices
Understand why you might be a target for device theft
Define physical security
Identify steps that will enhance the security of your devices
Ransomware Define ransomware
Understand how it is delivered
Comprehend its effect
Minimize the threat of ransomware
Report ransomware attacks
Security Outside The Office Identify attack methods that put your security at risk
Understand the risks of using a portable storage device
Know the difference between a public and a secure network
Know what to do if your device is lost or stolen
Social Engineering Tell the difference between a technical and non-technical attack
Identify different types of social engineering
Understand what to do if you are the target of a social engineering scam
Spear Phishing Explain why spear phishing poses a threat to your organization
Define the three types of spear phishing emails
Identify the indicators of a spear phishing email
Surfing The Web Understand safe web surfing
Identify secure websites
Identify and avoid malicious sites and links


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